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Español 1,2,3,4
Coventry High School
Sr. Glass

Español Course Overview1. It is highly recommended that you earned a “C” or above in Spanish 1/2/3 to move on to the next level.

2. Grade Scale: 100-90(A), 89-80(B), 79-70(C), 69-60(D). No Curving or Rounding of Grades.

3. Homework: generally worth at least 20 pts. Up to 100 pts.
4. Make up Work: students have until interims to turn in any work for full credit. This is only for days when student is absent from class. Projects and tests- date will be set with teacher when work will be due. If a student fails to turn in an assignment on time, it can be accepted until interims and is worth 50%.

5. Extra Credit: extra credit will be given through out the semester or year. It will vary.

6. Tardiness: No work will be accepted if you are late to class without a pass.

7. Seating: you will work in groups so chose your groups wisely. Some grades are group grades

.8. Projects: Poster Board needed. Many projects worth 100-300 pts.

9. Hall Pass: sign out and sign back in.

10. Mobile Devices: (Honor System- please do not text in class) Testing Situations: In any testing situations, all mobile devices must be put away in a designated area during the test and grading of any test. Students will not be permitted to take the test until device is properly stored. Failure to comply will result in a "0" on the test and referral to office for disciplinary action. If a mobile device is out during the testing situation, the student will be given a "0" on the test and the device will be taken and turned in to the office.

Translator Sites: Using Internet Translator sites are not permitted. It is considered cheating and a “0” will be given on any work that I believe is done by translator sites.
Needs: poster board, dictionary, markers, glue, notebook, etc.
Useful Sites: (this is an excellent site that covers all areas of Spanish, from grammar to vocabulary to conjugating.) : this site is useful for hearing the language (or other foreign languages). Student can select various categories to hear. is a free online course that is very good to learn or review a language. Registration is free.


Please take the following Spanish Background Survey: