* In order to gain a further understanding of the Spanish Culture, each student will report about an event that has taken place in the country that they have selected. Search for an article on the topic, print the article, read it and then answer the questions on the handout (in English). We will discuss the articles in class. Articles will be due every 2 weeks.

*Include printed article or URL.

Article Topics

1. Sports (deportes)
2. Education (educacíon)
3. Religion (religíon)
4. Government (gobierno/politicos)
5. Entertainment (entrenimiento/sociedad)
6. Business/Industry (negocios/industria)
7. Viaje (travel)

Search for newspapers in your country or find the newspaper for the capital to find current articles. Many of these sites will have an icon to translate the language to English. Or you may find your article, then copy and paste it in to GOOGLE Translate.

Current Event Questions Handout