Clothing and Colors Review Game

¿ Qué color es? - what color is it?

azul- blue

rojo- red

amarillo- yellow

verde- green

blanco- white

negro- black

marrón- brown

violeta- purple

anaranjado- orange

rosa- pink

gris- gray

La Ropa

camisa- shirt

camiseta- t-shirt

camisa de manga larga- long sleeve shirt

chaleco - vest

pantalones- pants

cortos- shorts

falda- skirt

vesitdo- dress

zapatos- shoes

sandalias- sandals

calcetines- socks

ropa interior- underwear

traje de baño- bathing suit

corbata- tie

gafas del sol- sunglasses

anteojos- glasses

traje- suit

súeter - sweater

chaqueta- jacket

impermeable- raincoat

botas- boots

bufanda - scarf

guantes- gloves

cinturon- belt

bolsa- bag/purse

reloj- watch

sombrero- hat

gorra- cap

anillo- ring

collar- necklace

brazalete- bracelet

pendientes- earrings


plata- silver


Describing what you are wearing.....

In Español, you have to switch the ADJECTIVE (descriptive word) and the NOUN!!!

Example- "white shirt" ----becomes "shirt white" (camisa blanca)

Finding out how much something costs......

ask : ¿ Cúanto cuesta (object)?

*the answer is set-up: (object) cuesta $. (dólares = dollars / centavos = cents)

Telling what you are wearing....

LLEVAR (to wear)

¿Qué llevas? (What are you wearing?)

ANSWER- Yo llevo (I wear or I am wearing _clothes_)

How to make more questions using "¿Qué llevas?

¿Qué llevas en el verano, en vacacíon, cuando hace frío, etc.?

¿Qué llevan las personas famosos?

Ropa: Practica

Instrucciones: Diga la ropa en Español.

Ropa para Chicas

*Tell what a girl wears using "Ella lleva...." including colors.


women clothes 2.jpg womens bathing suit.jpg

*Tell what you are wearing using "Yo llevo..." including colors.

womens clothes 2.jpg

Ropa para Chicos

*Tell what a guy wears using "El lleva..." including colors.

mens 3.jpg

mens 4.jpg mens bathing suit.jpg

*Tell what you are wearing using "Yo llevo..." including colors.

mens clothing 2.jpg

Actividad con su Familia
Desfile de Modas
Instrucciones: You are going to make a Fashion Show with a family member. Your Fashion Show must consist of one (1) family member. Your family member must be wearing at 10 clothing items from our vocabulary list. You must also have music in the background (not too loud). Your family member will "walk the runway" while you read in Español what they are wearing. You will need to record your video and bring it in.

*Describing what they are wearing: tell the color, brand and price for each item. You must say the numbers in Español.